What COVID-19 Has Done to Me

Start your day with something that focuses your energy on you, and not on the things that have to get done. Whether you do a few easy exercises to wake up or jump right into a tough workout is up to you. The important thing is to give yourself something to focus on and something you can control and look forward to.

Part 4: Use Virtual Scavenger Hunt to Expand on Your Child’s Social Skill and Language While Social Distancing

During my sessions with some of the clients this week, we played virtual scavenger hunt. It gave the children the opportunity to use language to describe the items by functions or by attributes.

Part 4: Flash and See Language Game to Keep Your Child Learning-COVID-19

This is a fun and a simple way to build language and also entertain active energetic toddlers and preschoolers

Ready to Learn Part 2: Teaching Your Child During COVID-19

This week we will work on setting realistic goals and expectations for your child’s learning and daily needs during this lock down. The first step is to create a realistic  Weekly Event Calendar for your child. The calendar will now become your child’s daily routine.  Below you will see a replica calendar that was created for a client.

A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges

In our Lions group we have been teaching the kids how to engage in dramatic play (pretend play) related to meal planning.  We began our group using unstructured dramatic play themes and quickly realized that our clients needed more of a systematic frame work. We moved from unstructured dramatic play to a more structured dramaticContinue reading “A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges”

Learning Language through Play

Play helps children learn language and communication skills. Children are motivated to connect and learn when it is functional and meaningful and fun to them. The language used in play, for example encourages the development of turn-taking and conversation. When children are engaged in play, they use language to interact with others. Turn your daily routine into fun play.

Give Yourself Permission to Have a Blissful Holiday

This year has been full of growing pain and self-acceptance. I had to come to terms with no longer being a mother of young kids, but rather a mother of two teenagers and a pre-teen. My oldest came home two weeks ago, after being away to college for nearly four months. I was excited aboutContinue reading “Give Yourself Permission to Have a Blissful Holiday”