What COVID-19 Has Done to Me

Start your day with something that focuses your energy on you, and not on the things that have to get done. Whether you do a few easy exercises to wake up or jump right into a tough workout is up to you. The important thing is to give yourself something to focus on and something you can control and look forward to.

Part 4: Flash and See Language Game to Keep Your Child Learning-COVID-19

This is a fun and a simple way to build language and also entertain active energetic toddlers and preschoolers

A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges

In our Lions group we have been teaching the kids how to engage in dramatic play (pretend play) related to meal planning.  We began our group using unstructured dramatic play themes and quickly realized that our clients needed more of a systematic frame work. We moved from unstructured dramatic play to a more structured dramaticContinue reading “A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges”

Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism

Adam is a gentle 14 year old boy that I have known since the age of 3, right around the time he was diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism (HFA). Academically, Adam is excelling with some support from his school, his tutors, a private counselor, an OT and speech therapy in the form of socialContinue reading “Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism”

Learning Language through Play

Play helps children learn language and communication skills. Children are motivated to connect and learn when it is functional and meaningful and fun to them. The language used in play, for example encourages the development of turn-taking and conversation. When children are engaged in play, they use language to interact with others. Turn your daily routine into fun play.

Building Your Child’s Emotional Language

Children learn about relationships through our actions and the words we use.  Teach your child that feelings are important by using key words. This will help your child see his needs as important and encourage self-awareness. You can do this by creating a box call Our Feelings. How to: Find an empty gift box. LabelContinue reading “Building Your Child’s Emotional Language”

The Impression Game

Not all children are able to develop social communication skills without support. Some children have to learn about other people’s perspective from direct teaching.  These children often need to practice and role play in small group settings.  Social skills training programs are great ways to teach these children the game of good impression. The  game of social impressionContinue reading “The Impression Game”