I Have Come to Believe in Chances!

As I woke up this morning to write this newsletter, the word chance, came to my mind. It started with, What are the chances that I will have any inspirational message to share with people? Then came, Why even bother writing today? There is a great chance that nobody will even bother to read my... Continue Reading →


Simple Tips: Use Open-Ended Questions to Start Conversations

Open Ended- Questions are great conversation starters. Open ended questions are questions that will make a person tell you more about themselves or a topic. We have just had the Superbowl it is a great opportunity for you to practice using open-ended questions. Asking questions about the person's favorite part of the game, commercial etc.,... Continue Reading →

Equipping Teens with Conversational  Etiquette in the Social Media Age

With Snapchat, texting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., we are able to click, like and make quick snappy comments. There is arguably a lot of benefits to social media. It has given us the ability to connect with long lost family members, share ideas with millions of people in the world and most importantly, we are... Continue Reading →

Silence is a Treasure!

Silence is precious It is mournful scary and yet it gently steals away painful past.  Silence is a treasure not to be scorned, it comes with a new awakening, new ambitions, desires, aspirations and the rebuilding of new purpose and the destruction of painful past. By Uduak Osom Uduak (Udie) Osom holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Speech and Language... Continue Reading →

Fun conversations have rules!

                In our teen group,  we have been exchanging some few tips on interactive conversations.  We learn that having conversations with people do not always have to be based on “intellectual compatibility or commonality.”  Simply showing interest and showing thoughtfulness can encourage others to show interest in you. We also learned that being a... Continue Reading →

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