DEALING WITH PEER PRESSURE WHEN YOU HAVE LEARNING DISABILITIES  — Innovative Therapy Services-Pediatric Speech Language and Social Skills

Peer pressure is not something new, it’s a rite of passage during adolescent years. Not all adolescents are able to withstand peer pressure and make independent decisions. The fear of being rejected by peers if they do not conform to the group or peer’s request can sometimes lead to adolescents making wrong choices. As a […


Conversation is an Art!

Having conversations can be fun and insightful just as long as you follow some simple rules such as, inquiry, thinking, listening and sharing (ITLS). Conversations can be boring if you are not crea… Source: Conversation is an Art!

Simple Tips: Use Open-Ended Questions to Start Conversations

Open Ended- Questions are great conversation starters. Open ended questions are questions that will make a person tell you more about themselves or a topic. We have just had the Superbowl it is a great opportunity for you to practice using open-ended questions. Asking questions about the person's favorite part of the game, commercial etc.,... Continue Reading →

Equipping Teens with Conversational  Etiquette in the Social Media Age

With Snapchat, texting, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc., we are able to click, like and make quick snappy comments. There is arguably a lot of benefits to social media. It has given us the ability to connect with long lost family members, share ideas with millions of people in the world and most importantly, we are... Continue Reading →

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