Using Social Media to Continue Social Skills  with Your Child  

Conversation is sharing or exchanging of ideas. Despite COVID-19, your child can still practice social skills with your support using social media. You can use FACETIME, WhatsApp or other video platforms to practice conversations with your child, family members and friends. First establish safety rules and boundaries  on when your child can be on socialContinue reading “Using Social Media to Continue Social Skills  with Your Child  “

Ready to Learn Part 2: Teaching Your Child During COVID-19

This week we will work on setting realistic goals and expectations for your child’s learning and daily needs during this lock down. The first step is to create a realistic  Weekly Event Calendar for your child. The calendar will now become your child’s daily routine.  Below you will see a replica calendar that was created for a client.

Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism

Adam is a gentle 14 year old boy that I have known since the age of 3, right around the time he was diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism (HFA). Academically, Adam is excelling with some support from his school, his tutors, a private counselor, an OT and speech therapy in the form of socialContinue reading “Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism”

Why are Accommodations and Modifications Misunderstood?

Some students with learning disabilities can do as well as their peers with a little support from all of us. Most of these students benefit from accommodations and some benefit from modification of the typical curriculum. Accommodations allow students with learning differences or disabilities equal access to instructions. It enables teachers to alter the environment, curriculum format, and provide equipment that allows an individual with a disability to gain access to content and/or complete assigned tasks. Accommodations do not alter what is being taught by instructors. The student needing the accommodation is graded the same way as the other students. Examples of accommodations include: Taped lecture, sign language, separate room to take the test, big prints, etc.

Dream Differently, Reduce Stress, Relax!

If you are a parent of a child with any disability, you know your child’s life has become your life. From the moment you wake up to the time you fall back asleep, you are thinking and worrying about your child. You are continually researching and attending therapy programs you have heard that can help your child. Your family time is limited to drive through, or special meals that are extremely costly! You are doing and redoing your budget because you forgot to add the new recommended therapy technique that your child’s specialist feels is a technique that will deliver results. 

Possibilities are Endless

Summer is almost over and kids are almost ready to go back to school. The recurring fear for some kids about returning to school goes along the lines of: not fitting in, teacher not liking them, friends abandoning them, not making friends and not doing well in their classes.  I work with students who often struggle with transitions and changes. EveryContinue reading “Possibilities are Endless”