How to Schedule Playdates Via Video Chat for a Special Needs Child

In a perfect world, we want to give our children with special needs the most natural social inclusive environment as possible, but our new world is anything but natural nor normal. Most likely, we are going to be on lockdown for a few months.  Unlike their neurotypical peers, who are already hanging out with friendsContinue reading “How to Schedule Playdates Via Video Chat for a Special Needs Child”

May 2019 Bring Internal Success!

Before I could even blink, 2019 was already upon us. I had the expectation that 2018, was the spring of opportunities. Even though I had not made any big New Year’s resolutions, I started 2018 optimistic about the great possibilities that the year would bring. I had expected that by December 2018, I would haveContinue reading “May 2019 Bring Internal Success!”

Give Yourself Permission to Have a Blissful Holiday

This year has been full of growing pain and self-acceptance. I had to come to terms with no longer being a mother of young kids, but rather a mother of two teenagers and a pre-teen. My oldest came home two weeks ago, after being away to college for nearly four months. I was excited aboutContinue reading “Give Yourself Permission to Have a Blissful Holiday”