Using Social Media to Continue Social Skills  with Your Child  

Conversation is sharing or exchanging of ideas. Despite COVID-19, your child can still practice social skills with your support using social media. You can use FACETIME, WhatsApp or other video platforms to practice conversations with your child, family members and friends. First establish safety rules and boundaries  on when your child can be on social media. Make sure you put a time limit on how long your child can connect with friends etc.  Have your child practice with familiar people first, then classmates, and extended family members. Encourage your child to use the following conversation starters

  1. What are you doing this________?
  2. Did you do anything fun this past weekend?
  3. Did you see that viral ____ YouTube video?
  4. Hey, guess what?______________
  5. I was like wondering____________________
  6. Tell me about your weekend.

To keep the conversation going write down a list of open-ended questions that will help your child share ideas and also ask topic related questions.

What would happen if you …?

How do you think it is going to end?

Have you thought about……

Have your child play online social games that are safe so you can have time to catchup. For example, UNO, Monopoly, Don’t Starve Together

Don’t Starve Together on Steam


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