Using Social Media to Continue Social Skills  with Your Child  

Conversation is sharing or exchanging of ideas. Despite COVID-19, your child can still practice social skills with your support using social media. You can use FACETIME, WhatsApp or other video platforms to practice conversations with your child, family members and friends. First establish safety rules and boundaries  on when your child can be on socialContinue reading “Using Social Media to Continue Social Skills  with Your Child  “

Ready to Learn Part 2: Teaching Your Child During COVID-19

This week we will work on setting realistic goals and expectations for your child’s learning and daily needs during this lock down. The first step is to create a realistic  Weekly Event Calendar for your child. The calendar will now become your child’s daily routine.  Below you will see a replica calendar that was created for a client.

How to Implement Visual Schedule for Learning At Home Due to COVID-19

If we can create some normal daily routines for those kids that rely heavily on sameness or are have a tough time with transitioning it will make teaching easier. Let’s start with the basics of a visual schedule. A visual schedule is a set of pictures or words that shows what is happening daily. Parents with children diagnosed with Autism are familiar with visual schedules, but most of them have not had to take on the teacher roll. We are going to work first on creating visual schedule so to assist in establishing routines for school work at home. The visual schedule will help your child know what activities he is going to engage in daily. This will help you and your child feel less anxious and feel more in control.

A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges

In our Lions group we have been teaching the kids how to engage in dramatic play (pretend play) related to meal planning.  We began our group using unstructured dramatic play themes and quickly realized that our clients needed more of a systematic frame work. We moved from unstructured dramatic play to a more structured dramaticContinue reading “A Successful Play Date for A Child with Social Challenges”

Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism

Adam is a gentle 14 year old boy that I have known since the age of 3, right around the time he was diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism (HFA). Academically, Adam is excelling with some support from his school, his tutors, a private counselor, an OT and speech therapy in the form of socialContinue reading “Building a Successful Inclusion Team for Teens with High Functioning Autism”