May 2019 Bring Internal Success!

Before I could even blink, 2019 was already upon us. I had the expectation that 2018, was the spring of opportunities. Even though I had not made any big New Year’s resolutions, I started 2018 optimistic about the great possibilities that the year would bring. I had expected that by December 2018, I would have hired two full-time speech and language pathologists, completed my book, and presented three parent workshops. Even though I have not accomplished all of these goals, I am not disappointed with myself, because, I accomplished more than I had anticipated.  2018 taught me how to stay focus, relax and how to create simple steps to greater internal success. In the past, my drive to accomplish external success, often left me depleted. In 2018, I learned to focus and work on my internal success. The constant outward search for external success often blurs our internal  success. The problem is that external success is extremely fragile, if you don’t have internal success, you are going to feel defeated in challenging times. External success without internal success means that when unexpected life event occurs, the facade collapses and you’re left with self-doubt. In life, we are all going to be challenged and we will feel as if our goals and resolutions are not attainable, but if you work on your internal success, you will bounce right back.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting the new year with the believe that you are going to accomplish great things. However, you will face self-doubt, you will be criticized, you will disappoint people, and people will disappoint you. Start this year with the goal of establishing internal success. Focus on building self-love, work on creating time for yourself, work on self-acceptance and love yourself through challenging times. Internal success means accepting yourself and making peace with yourself.  I am starting this year with the expectation, hope, confidence, and the faith that I am going to achieve a greater HARMONY within myself. Happy New Year! May the year be kind to you and may you accomplish big and small things in 2019.



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