Conversation is an Art!

Having conversations can be fun and insightful just as long as you follow some simple rules such as, inquiry, thinking, listening and sharing (ITLS). Conversations can be boring if you are not creative and insightful about how to keep your communication partner engaged. It is even more difficult if you do not know what to say or how to show interest in the conversation. It is like going to an art class and being given a blank canvas with no instructions other than to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

I Have Come to Believe in Chances!

As I woke up this morning to write this newsletter, the word chance, came to my mind. It started with, What are the chances that I will have any inspirational message to share with people? Then came, Why even bother writing today? There is a great chance that nobody will even bother to read myContinue reading “I Have Come to Believe in Chances!”