Support means Listening without Judgment

I really enjoyed writing this article so I have decided to reblog

Innovative Therapy Services-Pediatric Speech Language and Social Skills

Years ago, a parent asked my permission to yell at her child. I was so taken a back that I responded with,  “Why do ask?”  She replied, “Because I don’t feel I have the right to yell at him, since he already has so much stacked against him.”  My response was, “Maybe you need to talk to someone.” The look on her face spoke volume, it was as if  she was saying, “Thanks for really listening to me!” 

In our society, especially speaking as a speech pathologist, we are taught not to give personal advice or to give advice that is not within the scope of our license. While it is true that we should not give advice beyond our professional training, I find that too often we don’t want to get involved at all. If we are not sure what to say we give what I call default responses or answers.

When we…

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