Support means Listening without Judgment

Originally posted on Innovative Therapy Services-Pediatric Speech Language Blog:
Years ago, a parent asked my permission to yell at her child. I was so taken a back that I responded with,  “Why do ask?”  She replied, “Because I don’t feel I have the right to yell at him, since he already has so much stacked against…

Don’t be a Child’s Emotional Blanket!

All children worry to a degree. Some worry about what to eat, others question why things happen and if these things can hurt them and still others worry if you will forget to pick up a treat you promised. Occasionally, they may need you to stay with them a little longer in their room or they may want to sleep with youContinue reading “Don’t be a Child’s Emotional Blanket!”

Tools for All Angry Sams’

Have you ever met Sam? Sam is very playful and kind most of the time. People are often amazed by how sweet and kind Sam can be… except, when things do not go Sam’s way. The first time I witnessed Sam’s outburst was when we had to cleanup and transition to meet Sam’s parents after finishing therapy.Continue reading “Tools for All Angry Sams’”