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If you are a parent of a child with any disability, you know your child's life has become your life. From the moment you wake up to the time you fall back asleep, you are thinking and worrying about your child. You are continually researching and attending therapy programs you have heard that can help your child. Your family time is limited to drive through, or special meals that are extremely costly! You are doing and redoing your budget because you forgot to add the new recommended therapy technique that your child's specialist feels is a technique that will deliver results. 

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What are Your Communication Behaviors in Conflicts?

Why do I have this need to be right all the time? Why is it hard for me to hear others during conflicts? Why do I feel that to resolve conflict I must win? Why have I become this person that seeks out conflict? Why do I always take on the victim role with certain people?

Why are Accommodations and Modifications Misunderstood?

Some students with learning disabilities can do as well as their peers with a little support from all of us. Most of these students benefit from accommodations and some benefit from modification of the typical curriculum. Accommodations allow students with learning differences or disabilities equal access to instructions. It enables teachers to alter the environment, curriculum format, and provide equipment that allows an individual with a disability to gain access to content and/or complete assigned tasks. Accommodations do not alter what is being taught by instructors. The student needing the accommodation is graded the same way as the other students. Examples of accommodations include: Taped lecture, sign language, separate room to take the test, big prints, etc.

The Impression Game

Not all children are able to develop social communication skills without support. Some children have to learn about other people's perspective from direct teaching.  These children often need to practice and role play in small group settings.  Social skills training programs are great ways to teach these children the game of good impression. The  game of social impression... Continue Reading →

Your are Not Alone:Childhood Feeding Problems

 I just recently came back from a 3 day pediatric conference put on by Feeding Matters  association made up of experts Pediatricians, Nurses, Speech Pathologists Occupational Therapists and Parent. One course struck a cord with me, "What Happens After “Graduating” From Feeding Treatment? presented by: Mary Beth Feuling, MS, RD, CSP, CD; Amanda Herrmann, CCC-SLP; Chris Linn;... Continue Reading →

Possibilities are Endless

Summer is almost over and kids are almost ready to go back to school. The recurring fear for some kids about returning to school goes along the lines of: not fitting in, teacher not liking them, friends abandoning them, not making friends and not doing well in their classes.  I work with students who often struggle with transitions and changes. Every... Continue Reading →

The Truth about Early Intervention

Some parents with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities sometimes find it difficult taking the steps in identifying appropriate programs that will optimize their child’s learning potential. The term ‘Early Intervention,’ has become so overused that parents with newly diagnosed children with delays or disabilities either go into overdrive mode or completely shut down. Rather than... Continue Reading →

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